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Each year Finance must collect housing unit change data from every city and county in California. These data form the basis for the housing estimates included in the Housing Unit Method used by Finance to produce annual population estimates for cities and counties. Finance is mandated to produce these population estimates by the Gann Initiative, passed in 1979 that is now part of the State constitution – Article XIIIB, and is chaptered in Section 2228 of the Revenue and Taxation code. This legislation mandates that all cities and counties must calculate an annual appropriations limit that includes a population change factor and an inflation index factor. These population estimates are also used to distribute state subvention funds to cities and counties.

To complete the Housing Unit Survey (HUS) make sure you access your own jurisdiction. Be aware that if your city has the same name as the county, select the city option and not "Balance of County," while county personnel should NOT select the city option, but select the "Balance of County" option. Only one person from each jurisdiction can access the form, and that person will be the only authorized person from that jurisdiction who can re-enter the form for any changes..

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